Quista DN





Quista DN is a nutritional supplement scientifically designed to benefit the dietary regimen of diabetic and prediabetic individuals. Quista DN contains low GI carbohydrates, slow (casein) and medium-digesting (pea) proteins, and soluble and insoluble fiber, which help optimize glycemic response. Quista DN is additionally fortified with botanical ingredients and nutrients known to assist in managing blood sugar levels and help improve overall well-being.

Quista DN

  • Provides 26 g of good quality proteins* per day and meets 43% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA)#
  • Has low GI with sustained energy release
  • Fortified with powerful ACCTI nutrients for beneficial effects in diabetics
  • Fortified with key nutrients, including B Complex vitamins, Chromium, and Zinc which help in modulating glucose metabolism
  • Free from trans fatty acids
  • No added sucrose

This is a Vegetarian product

*Twice daily in 200ml of toned milk

#Nutrient Requirement and RDA for Indians. ICMR 2010


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